High Street Eats: A Tour of Oxford’s Finest

By Katherine Bacon, Graham von Carlowitz, and Ryer Gardenswartz


Journey Through: High Street

Click the link above to see our tour of some of Oxford’s finest eateries

Skippers: We all know the iconic red neon sign that hangs in the window when you first leave campus and begin your trek down High Street. With orders blaring from the PA system and drunk college students forgetting what they bought Skipper’s truly feels like an Oxford staple. No matter what you order you’re guaranteed to be in a food coma as you slip away to greasy heaven.

Bagel & Deli: We know, we know, why would want to cough up 7.50 for one measly bagel? Well, considering the magnetic atmosphere of the bagel bar, which seems to be constantly swarming with students, as well as the extra grease basted onto each steamy delight, you actually might be considered insane to not spend that money. Besides, where else in the friggin world do you salivate over bagels? Tell me!

Wild Bistro: One of many Chinese restaurants scattered throughout Uptown Oxford. Wild Bistro has some killer pad thai that will have you itching to come back for more. While they also serve dinner, you can’t deny how great their daily lunch box special is. If you don’t want to sit at Wild Bistro, you can also call ahead and order your meal for pickup. Who doesn’t love a movie night with some great Chinese cuisine?

Brunos: It’s 1 in the morning, you’re tired and you could care less how you look dancing along the sidewalks on High Street. The only thing you care about — the ONLY thing — is getting that damn slice of pizza. Thank God for Bruno’s!

Krishna: The only Indian restaurant in Oxford sure has made its mark. While it may be a little bit more expensive than other options Uptown, Krishna is too good to ignore. The dishes are piled high and easy to share (which is another reason to go even it is a bit pricer). With a spice level ranging from 1-6, there are plenty options for everyone. Krishna is another Oxford option that is available for pick-up in case you need to take their heat in the comfort of your own home.

Bodega: Have you ever had falafel? Right, right, but have you ever had Bodega’s falafel? Because it’s really good. Not only does Bodega have good Greek food, but they also have a great selection of sandwiches and soups. Also don’t sleep on their spicy mac n’ cheese. It will blow you away. Even though it might fly under the radar, Bodega is an Oxford must.

Fiesta Charra: Everyone’s favorite Mexican eatery is complete with truckloads of chips and salsa, wickedly cheap entrees and mini bilingual interactions with the waiting staff (i.e. Gracias!). What’s more, if you’re lucky enough to go on your birthday, you’ll receive a complimentary shot of tequila, taken while sporting an absurdly large sombrero, and it all comes together with the (not) well-known Mexican tradition of smeared whipped cream in the face!

Doughby’s: Getting fat never felt so good. While you might think you’re going into cardiac arrest, it is probably just the thick, gooey cheese gushing out of a fresh Doughby’s calzone. Open until 4 in the morning it is one of the classic Oxford late-night options. With such a big menu you will need to go many times in hopes of trying everything that they have to offer.

Koffenya: Ever considered slurping coffee and chasing it with a beer? At a coffee shop? On a weekday? If you feel as adventurous as Dr. Seuss’ creation who finally agrees to try those green eggs and ham all over, hell, you might as well make a pit stop at Oxford’s most unique coffee shop (and skip by Starbucks’ way-too-long line on your way).

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