The Sushi Capital of Ohio: Oxford

By Emma Gaudette, Elizabeth Hansen and Brennen Kauffman

Sushi has become one of the most popular forms of cuisine. With sushi’s growing popularity, sushi restaurants in Oxford, as well as on campus sushi, have become some of Miami University’s students favorite places to eat. We have reviewed and rated all of Oxford’s sushi hubs according to student feedback and our own sushi-loving tastebuds.

Oxford Sushi guide
Infographic by Elizabeth Hansen

Sushi Nara

Sushi Nara is perhaps the most popular sushi location in Oxford. Located on 22 N College Avenue, Sushi Nara is known for its upbeat and entertaining environment, while still serving high quality sushi. This restaurant is always busy with students and Oxford residents. The restaurant has food for every price range and even has food and bar promotions on certain days.

“As far as Oxford sushi goes, Sushi Nara is by far the most popular,” said Chris Laskovski, a sophomore at Miami University.

Pro: Bar-like atmosphere and an a la carte sushi option.

Con: The hardest to get to from campus. Also frequently crowded because of its popularity.


Kroger offers sushi made by contracted chefs. Each day the chefs come to Kroger and prepare sushi. This sushi is extremely fresh; in fact, you can watch the chefs make it in front of you and personalize your rolls! Similarly to Miami campus sushi, Kroger offers spicy tuna, salmon, crunchy rolls, sashimi and have recently added poke and seaweed salad.

“Kroger sushi is my favorite place to grab sushi in Oxford. It’s fresh on the go and better quality than on campus sushi. Kroger is a bit far, but I consider the sushi to be worth the drive,” Laskovski said.

Pro: Pre-packaged and freshly made everyday, so it’s easy to get it and go.

Con: More expensive than the on-campus version. There’s also a stigma surrounding grocery store sushi.

I Love Sushi

Located in the heart of Oxford’s uptown on 20 S Poplar Street, I Love Sushi is the perfect restaurant to go to for a quiet sit down meal. The menu features a variety of of specialty rolls named after Uptown Oxford houses. The menu also offers sashimi, and other traditional Japanese meals.

“I Love Sushi is a great restaurant to go to if you want to sit down and have a quiet meal with friends,” Laskovski said.

Pro: Large number of sushi options, including both regular rolls and premium rolls.

Con: Very limited business hours — they open at 4 PM most days.

Sushi Kabar

Recently, Miami has added fresh sushi to a variety of their markets. Sushi Kabar is delivered to campus locations daily at 11 am. This is a nice, fast option for many students on the go and busy with their studies.

“The sushi is fresh and surprisingly tasty,” Laskovksi said. “ I love to grab it in between classes when I don’t have time to eat at a dining hall,” he added.

The sushi is replenished everyday and features a variety of sushi rolls including spicy tuna, crunchy rolls, smoked salmon salmon and even chicken teriyaki bowls.

“My personal favorite is the crunchy roll,” Laskovski noted.  

Pro: The sushi comes from a third-party company, Sushi Kabar, so it’s consistent and fairly affordable.

Con: Sushi Kabar is the least fresh and the only option that sells out.

 Edited by Emma Gaudette, Elizabeth Hansen and Brennen Kauffman

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