Mac and Cheese Bite Face Off

By Olivia Lewis, Allison Jones and Kierra Sondereker

There are lots of things that make Uptown Oxford iconic: the wild weekend night life, Bagel & Deli and the crazy amount of bars. But some may say the best part of Oxford, and the tastiest, can be found in the small, crispy, golden, deep-fried bites of cheesy goodness commonly known as mac and cheese bites, or mac bites for short.

Fortunately for everyone’s taste buds (not so fortunate for their cholesterol), three Uptown restaurants boast of serving this mouthwatering ambrosia of the Oxford gods.

So, together we traveled around Uptown to hit all three restaurants that serve mac bites. They were Mac & Joe’s, Skipper’s, and Doughby’s. We assessed each plate of mac bites and graded them with four criteria: Taste, Price/Value, Convenience, and Cheese-to-Pasta Ratio.

These were the results.

Edited by Olivia Lewis

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