Is Western Dining Hall worth the hype?


Written by Gabby Nti

Edited by Maggie Callahan


Western Dining Commons is one of four buffet style dining options at Miami University. Since its opening in Fall 2014, It has sparked a lot of attention on campus. It has even gained national attention after being ranked as one of the top 36 Dining Halls in the country.

But is the hype worth it?

This buffet style dining hall allows students to use their meal plan to pay a flat fee which allows them to eat from open to close. Visitors pay a flat rate of 12$ and are also welcome to stay as long as operation hours are in session. Western dining is open from 7:30am until 8pm and serves different food options throughout the day.

When you walk into Western dining, the food options are set up based on what is served. The four main stations include an international station, grill and roast, the allergen station, and a deli and salad station.


Pictured above is the Allergen Station

Ben Hickel, a student manager at Western dining hall believes the location and allergen station are the main reasons why Western has become so popular over the years.

“One of the big things is a lot of people live on western and it’s the only dining option. Also has a lot of popular vegetarian/vegan in the allergen station which gives students a variety of options. Even visitors rave about it” said Hickel.

This was the case with Ohio State University visitor, Demy Fobellah who had the chance to try out Western Dining last fall during her visit at Miami.

“ I was just so shocked at the amount of vegan options they had. I always have difficulty with finding good tasting food even at restaurants let alone a college campus” said Fobellah.

Western dining does not only give students and faculty food options to serve whatever food needs they have, but it also adds variety for many foreign exchange students as well as gluten, vegetarian and vegan students.

I ate at Western for the first time and had the Italian grilled vegetables with seasoned chicken. It was the most delicious vegetables I have ever had( and I hate vegetables if that says anything).

So the question remains – is it worth the hype? Yes indeed it is.


Pictured above are the grilled vegetables I ate at Western dining.

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