How To: Eat Healthy During Finals Week

By Maggie Callaghan

Edited by Gabby Nti

From an overbearing feeling of stress to a total lack of sleep, finals week is tough on college student’s mental and physical health. We tend to find ourselves drowning in papers, projects and studying for exams that we can’t work out or find time to eat healthy. Whether it’s McDonalds drive through or Papa John’s delivery pizza, we want the quickest option possible. It also doesn’t hurt that greasy food is usually a great cure to stress. But I strongly believe that these poor habits make our stress and level of anxiety worse, and hurt our ability to sleep and rest properly.

I am determined to change that this year.

After so many semesters of mental breakdowns and acne breakouts, I am focused on taking better care of myself. So I talked to Max Leveridge, a Sophomore at Miami University who happens to be a Vegan and eats extremely healthy about how he sticks to this strict regimen during such stressful times. He takes very good care of himself but still takes care of his business and gets good grades. His insight is not only eye-opening but also impressive.



  • Healthy Stress Eating


The most difficult thing about finals week is learning how to eat healthy, especially when you are so stressed out. All you want to eat is greasy, fatty, cheesy food that can comfort you in a time of need. But Max has a suggestion for you: eat nuts instead. Not only do they offer a lot of protein to make you feel full for a sustained amount of time but they can also help satisfy your craving for a salty snack. Max is especially a big fan of cashews and almonds.

“I especially love cashews,” says Leveridge. “It’s not only the taste, but the convenience of bringing them around with me and also they fill me up.”

Max suggests snacking on nuts like Almonds instead of chips or popcorn to lower salt content and stay full for longer. Photo credits: Maggie Callaghan


  • Water, Water, Water


I brought up the fact to Max that sometimes when I am stressed out, I tend to feel more hungry. Max said that was common, but it’s properly because I am dehydrated. When all you are eating is super salty food and drinking a lot of caffeine, it tends to absorb all of the liquid in your system. He also points out to the fact that sometimes we think we are hungry when we are actually dehydrated. Max stresses the point of drinking a lot of water to help stay awake and keep your system going



  • Lots of Sleep


The most important thing to Max to keep his sanity during finals and staying healthy is getting an adequate amount of sleep. Now for someone who averages around four hours a night, this feels like an impossible task. But what Max explains is that he wakes up early every morning and because he sleeps so much, he is energized every day.

“I can’t function if I don’t sleep,” says Leveridge.

This is a cycle I strive for. We both agreed that being on a better sleeping schedule doesn’t just help with stress, but also with our diet and what we are eating.


Finals week doesn’t always have to be the worst week of your life. Follow some of this simple rules and you will glide through finals week with ease. Best of luck!!

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