Going Nuts for Coconuts

I LOVE coconuts. I know not everyone shares this sentiment, but there is no denying that the popularity of coconuts is on the rise. Coconut oil is used for everything from cosmetic remedies to cooking ingredients. While most of my friends use coconut oil in some way during their daily lives, the fruit itself is a different animal. Recently there was an influx of coconuts in Oxford and I acquired one of my own. Dozens were handed out as part of an invitation to a tropical themed party and they ended up being used in many different ways. While some were content to set their coconut on the mantelpiece, others found use for their new possession.

Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 11.15.03 PM
Maddie Holmes pictured with her coconut hat

I climbed on my roof and threw it on the ground, while Maddie Holmes a graduating senior at Miami saw it as an opportunity to craft a stylish new hat. “I needed a new hat!” Maddie explained when asked about her trendsetting headwear. While there is no incorrect way to use a coconut, neither of these methods are going to give you the maximum output. Had I not let my hunger get the best of me and researched a little before throwing my coconut off a roof, I would have had much more coconut left to enjoy. These were my big mistakes.



IMG_6624.JPG#1. Instead of splattering the refreshing coconut water all over the concrete and attracting 10 million ants, I should have drained it. If you take a screwdriver (or any metal object) and put it into a couple of the three dark soft spots on the coconut, the water will drain out quickly.



IMG_6623#2. It turns out you don’t need a machete to crack open a coconut! I didn’t try to use a machete, but if I owned one that would have been my go to strategy. Instead I took my nut and chucked if off the roof. BUT if I had simply placed the coconut in a 400-degree oven and waited 20 minutes, it would have cracked on its own with minimal knife work. Thank you Martha Stewart!


IMG_6621#3. Once my coconut was opened, I wasted no time and started eating it immediately. The tough meat clung tight to the husky shell and I couldn’t eat anything past the soft innermost layer. This problem would have been solved by baking the coconut. The entirety of the meat would have been tender and edible. I could’ve saved my teeth some trouble.


#4. I also should have used some of the fruit’s parts to make some coconut oil or milk from scratch, as opposed to eating a whole coconut and 3 times my recommended daily fiber in one sitting.



Edited by Graham Von Carlowitz



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