Freshman –15

The Freshman 15.

We all knew about this horrifying theory right when we signed our next 4 years at Miami University.

But why does the freshman 15 have to mean you gain 15 lbs.? Why not lose it?

Miami has a variety of different dining options, both on campus and off, with spin offs of popular chain restaurants like Panera and First Watch. And with that comes the chance for you to indulge anytime you want, because your parents aren’t there to stop you right?

So here’s a handy guide of healthier options you could substitute or add to the food at some of your favorite oxford dining spots.

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This #5 Vito Unwich from Jimmy Johns gives you the carb free option to enjoying your favorite subs on cruncy lettuce. 


  • Jimmy Johns

– Opt for the Unwich with whatever combo you choose! Instead of bread you’ll have a crisp crunchy lettuce wrap that’ll be gone freaky fast.

  • Chipotle

– Brown rice instead of white (a healthier carb packed with more fiber)

– Fajitas (only 20 calories and loaded with nutrients)

– Chicken (packs more protein per serving along with more nutrients than                other meats)

  • Patterson’s Café

– Egg white omelets (you’ll already get the fat from the olive oil they use to   cook it, so you can skip the cholesterol spiking egg yolks this time)

– Dry wheat toast (butter will just pack on fat and calories for every piece     you eat, plus wheat is the healthiest bread you can eat)

– Sugar free syrup (sure indulge on a flapjack, but this trick will help you cut            up to 14 grams of sugar!)

  • Kofenya/ Starbucks

– Opt for almond milk (packed with good fat and nutrients with little sugar   and calories)

– Sugar free syrups (takes all the sugar, except the milk’s, out of your favorite           coffee choices)

  • Graeter’s Ice Cream

– Halo Top (can be bought at Kroger, with a shocking 240-360 calories per   PINT, packed with 20 grams of protein, low fat, and low sugar, and low carbs)

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Birthday Cake and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough flavors from the Halo Top brand. 
  • Rapid Fire Pizza/ Will’s/ Bruno’s

– Thin crust (Thick crust will just add more carbs and calories that you don’t            want)

– Mushrooms, peppers, pineapple, or chicken as toppings (the others just      load on unhealthy fats and calories)

– The napkin trick (dab pizza with a napkin to cut the fat and calories from it,           you could shred off up to 4 grams of fat and 45 calories per slice, according to            works_us_56098e91e4b0dd85030893a0 )

  • Brick street bar and grill

– These tips and tricks can also apply to other drinking spots in Oxford.

– Soda water instead of Tonic (some people assume that “water” means        calorie and sugar free, but tonic water contains up to 85 calories, and 21         grams of sugar, compared to 0 calories and 0 sugar for soda water)

-Just add a lime or two instead for that kick of sweetness

– Sugar free soda/ Redbull (saves you calories and sugar)

– Tequila (unlike every other alcohol, it’s said to be an upper, not a downer)


So next time you’re looking to cut some weight on not totally destroy your body on cheat day, remember this list to cut unhealthy choices without sacrificing the taste of your favorite meals and drinks.




Chipotle — Nutrition Calculator



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