Campus Sushi- PASS or FAIL?

By Gabby Nti

Edited by Alex Mashny

This past semester, Miami University dining introduced a new edition to all the markets, some dining halls and even  King Library’s cafe. And what was this addition? Sushi. But not just a classic California roll. This Sushi Kabar includes Teriyaki Chicken rice bowls, French Crunchy rolls, Philadelphia roll, Spicy roll, and so much more. Sounds pretty vast for an on campus togo sushi service. But is it good sushi? With prices averaging 8$ for 9 rolls of sushi, you can’t help but wonder if its a scam or actually quality sushi.

“To be honest scared to try it” says Lorelei Lange, junior at Miami University. This was most students initial reaction when it was added. We have two sushi restaurants uptown and many other restaurants offer sushi. People at this campus rave over sushi so what makes now different?

“I’m too scared as well. I’d be willing to try a vegetarian roll but nothing else” says Michala, a senior here at Miami. She goes on to explain that the seafood aspect of the sushi is what she can’t seem to trust. But none of the sushi is served raw so you would imagine that this fear would go away but it still is not enough reassurance for most students at Miami.

But others have seen past this. Kenzie Feathers, junior at Miami University and also a student employee at King Cafe has seen a different reaction from students.

“It’s extremely popular. It’s always gone before a new shipment comes in. I don’t know a single person who tried it and doesn’t like it” added Feathers when asked about how the sushi has been selling.

She went on to explain how the ingredients are the same things you would be getting from Kroger or Nara(an off campus sushi restaurant).

The company Sushi Kabar works as a distributor with sushi makers all across America. They provide the labeling and ingredients and have representatives all over who make the rolls. The Sushi Kabar that serves Oxford makes a point to add a label to every package of sushi stating “made fresh daily” followed by the local address where the sushi is made.

There you have it. Everyone’s biggest fear has been overruled.

I personally have tried the spicy roll which has cucumber, sushi rice, shrimp, and spicy sauce and comes with a side of ginger and soy sauce. Though it may not be the highest quality of sushi, it gets the job done.

So now that we’ve gone over the content, pricing, taste, and who makes it, I am going to give Miami Sushi a pass- for now.




Sushi at King Cafe located in the basement of King Library



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