Not yo Nachos… But They Could Be!

Written by Katherine Bacon

I am here to tell you about an important new development in Armstrong Student Center, and no I am not talking about the East wing construction. Though underclassman who still have plenty of meal plan and live on campus may already know, Traditions in Armstrong has some bomb-ass loaded nachos (for a limited time). As a Junior who regularly eats on campus, I am always discovering new places and new foods to try with my meal plan. And yes, I still use meal plan on occasion because my parents know that it can’t be spent at Brick Street or TJ Maxx. So thanks Mom and Dad!

Loaded Nacho Ingredients (no longer including guacamole apparently)

I stumbled upon this extraordinary menu item after many failed attempts to grab pulley during my 35 minute class break. I’ve discovered through trial and error that if I order pulley 30 minutes before class, it’ll be served about 5 minutes before the class begins. “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results” – Albert Einstein.

So, instead of bringing an omelet to History of Medieval England every day, I came to the conclusion that I should branch and not make my classroom smell like fried eggs. I was perusing the regular menu of Traditions when a stand advertising the nachos caught my eye. I ordered the Loaded Beef Nachos with the works and within 5 minutes they were served; hot, ready and fully loaded. This gave me a full 30 minutes to take in their deliciousness.

Like someone enlightened by God, I saw it as my duty to tell the upperclassman world about my discovery. “Where did you get those”, asked Kelly Nester, a Junior Strategic Communications major, only seconds after viewing my snap story advertising the meal. My rating for the Nachos is a 9/10, a rather difficult score to achieve. My only complaint would be that instead of the advertised $6.79 my total came out as $7.23. But I’m willing to overlook this, it’s worth splurging a little sometimes.

After photo of the Loaded Beef Nachos

Edited by Ryer Gardenswartz


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