Juicin’ on a Budget

By Elizabeth Hansen

Sam Weed and Katie Ohman trying the juice they made. Photo by Elizabeth Hansen.

Pre-cut cucumbers, carrots, spinach and kale covered the table in the basement of Havighurst Hall.

On the table sat the juicer and behind the juicer, the juice woman.

Sam Weed decided to do a juice cleanse her freshman year of college. She lugged her juicer from her home in Detroit all the way to Oxford to do so.

Her family wondered where she would get the vegetables. Sam didn’t have a car, and Kroger was a good half-hour walk from Western campus.

But Sam already had a solution: Western Dining Hall.

With two gallon-sized Ziploc bags, Sam walked into Western for her daily meal. However, instead of dining in, this week she would be juicing out.

She filled up two plates full of kale, spinach, cucumbers, carrots, and other vegetables. She dumped the contents into the bags, stuffed them into her purse, and strutted back to Havighurst.

It was juicing time.

Sam fired up the motor and stuffed the veggies into the juicing hole. She pushed down on the juicer and down went the veggies through the grinder.

At first, it was just a slow trickle of bright green bubbly juice.

But then, faster.

Fresh juice pouring out of the juicer. Photo by Elizabeth Hansen.



The juice flowed out the spout and into the cup.

While some residents walked by impressed with her ingenuity, others gawked at the bright green liquid

“Ew. What is that?” they asked, and Sam would excitedly tell them the entire process of her juicing.

Finally, she reached the end of the veggies. All that remained were four plastic cups filled with fresh green juice.

Edited by Brennen Kauffman




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