Green Beer Day: Where Did the Tradition Go?

By  Maggie Callaghan and Brennen Kauffman

Edited by Gabby Nti

Strolling down High Street this Thursday afternoon, there is something noticeably different. Instead of crowds of students making their way through the Phi Delt gates or working in Armstrong, crowds are celebrating at Brick Street and drinking towers at Skipper’s. Instead of students dressed in typical clothes to go to class, they opt for clothes of a green hue.

This is Green Beer Day.

Green Beer Day has become an institution of Miami since it first began in the 1950’s to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and the last Thursday before spring break. Students will wake up at three A.M. and stay up all day to celebrate. Many skip class, although Miami University has done it’s best to enforce student attendance and to disassociate themselves with this day.

But there is something different about today, this year. The crowds aren’t flocking down High Street like in years past and festivities feel more subdued.

As one of the most iconic restaurants in Oxford, Bagel and Deli is usually the focus of the food on Green Beer Day. It’s their second busiest day of the entire school year. In past years, they would order hundreds of green bagels for the day and sell out by noon. This year, bags of bagels are still waiting behind the counter at 4:30 in the afternoon. Rachel, a senior who’s worked at Bagel and Deli for the last four years, says that “it’s been a lot slower this year.”


Maybe the lack of energy is because of the cold weather, or maybe it is because of the new crackdown by police. While we may speculate, we can’t say for certain why the crowds uptown are thinner than in years past. But after sixty years, the celebration is unlikely to ever go away completely.

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