Rapid Fired Pizza Opens Doors Uptown

By Alex Mashny

Edited by Maggie Callaghan

Pizza has long been a staple food in the diet of college students. Miami University students are no different, and Oxford, Ohio, has a mix of national chains and local pizzerias. Just over a week ago, a new pizza restaurant, Rapid Fired Pizza, opened its doors in Uptown.

This restaurant now occupies what was once the Orange Leaf, which offered frozen yogurt. This spot has been under construction for quite some time, and they have had advertisements floating around since at least late November or early December.

What makes this chain unique is that instead of operating like a traditional pizzeria, Rapid Fired Pizza offers smaller pizzas that can be customized that are baked in as little as 3 minutes.

The exterior of the restaurant. Photo by Alex Mashny

Much like the way that Mexican restaurant chains Chipotle and Qdoba operate, customers at fast fired Pizza move along the counter as employees pass down their pizza, adding toppings as they go.

Customers can order pizzas with set recipes off the menu, such as the chicken pesto pizza, or they can opt to create their own personalized pizza. Customers have their choice of two different types of crust (thin crust or pan), eight types of sauce (ranging from classic red to taco sauce), eight different cheese options (including exotic goat cheese), nine meats, and nineteen vegetables.

Any pizza can be further altered with spices, such as salt or oregano, or even one spice mysteriously labeled “The Bomb.” Dipping sauces can also be added on for those who like to dip their pizza or crust. Gluten-free alternatives for many of these choices can be purchased for an additional cost.

For those who aren’t in the mood for pizza, Rapid Fired Pizza also offers salads. Dessert is also an option; although I did not purchase any of the dessert at the restaurant, I was able to try their “Caramel Apple Delight” dessert pizza at a recent promotion that took place at the Bowtie Barber Club above Steinkeller’s.

Both free pizza from Rapid Fired Pizza and craft beer were being offered to those who came in at the beck and call of a band playing through the open window of Bowtie Barber Club’s member’s lounge. The “Caramel Apple Delight” pizza was one of many pizzas offered to guests, and can be served with ice cream for those with an aching sweet tooth. Other varieties included pepperoni, cheese, and what appeared to be the “Magic Mushroom” pizza.

Speaking of craft beer, aficionados will soon be able to find a selection of craft beers from both Ohio-based microbreweries and national operations at Rapid Fired Pizza. Ohio residents might be familiar with brands such as MadTree, Great Lakes Brewing Company, or Thirsty Dog, though the restaurant will soon stock as many as 31 different craft beers. Students will need to show identification that proves they are of legal drinking age, of course. For those who want something else to drink, the restaurant has a soda machine that dispenses a variety of flavored sodas.

Unlike other pizza places in Oxford, Rapid Fired Pizza does not deliver. While this may seem like a bad choice, as pizza delivery is very common amongst college students, business does not seem to slow at all. I stood in line for around twenty-five to thirty minutes, including the time it took for me to construct my pizza and pay at the register, and there was a long line behind me all the while. Those who might not want to wait in such a line for their pizza can order online for dining in or carrying out.

The restaurant also has an upcoming promotion for “Pi Day”, on March 14th. Though this might seem cheesy, the deal allows for students to purchase three of their pizzas for $14. A custom pizza or a pizza from their menu costs $7.50 (which is comparable in price to a Chipotle burrito, or a sandwich at Sohi) , and three would normally cost $22.50.

Rapid Fired Pizza, the first pizza store of its kind in Oxford, will almost certainly fit in Uptown. Though it may not be a traditional pizza place, it does offer a unique twist on the standard pizza chain that has already proven popular amongst college students and Oxford residents alike.

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