Uptown Food for Emotional Ups and Downs

By Kierra Sondereker

College life comes with its own set of emotional ups and downs. One morning, you wake up ready to finally tackle that midterm essay due tomorrow and the two-weeks worth of physics problems conveniently hiding in the back of your textbook. The next, you feel so unmotivated that you don’t even get out of bed for your 11:30 a.m. class, let alone your 8 a.m. Throw in a couple panic attacks for good measure, and you begin to see the emotional craziness that is college.

I, like so many others before me, have unfortunately gone through these emotional phases. But when they come around, I enjoy immersing these emotions in my favorite foods. Here are just a few Uptown restaurants that I make sure to visit whenever my college life is becoming particularly melodramatic.


The I-Just-Aced-My-Exam-It’s-Time-To-Celebrate Feeling:

Skipper’s after a rainy day in Oxford. Photo by @skippers_pub

Skipper’s. Nothing beats celebrating the possibility of not failing a class like a night filled with mac and cheese bites and boneless wings. Skipper’s atmosphere is always unique and energetic, and it’s made even better with a few of your friends in tow. And if your success happens to fall on a Wednesday, head to Skippers for the food and later climb the stairs to Top Deck and stay for a wildly entertaining Trivia Night.



The I-Haven’t-Worked-Out-In-Days-Why-Am-I-So-Lazy Feeling:

La Bodega gets a Christmas makeover for the holidays. Photo by @tridenyse

La Bodega. I’ve always see La Bodega as a little slice of freshness amongst the Uptown restaurant scene. Whether you eat their Hummus and Stuff sandwich, spicy macaroni and cheese or a freshly made bowl of French onion soup, you’ll feel as though you ate healthy. Skipping the gym that day won’t make you feel quite as guilty.



The School-Is-Too-Hard-I-Hate-Everything Feeling.

“The Sugar Rush,” a box of 12 traditional Insomnia Cookies. Photo by Flickr

Insomnia Cookies. It has been my experience that being in college equals occasionally being stressed to the point of angry. And nothing makes angry feelings disappear like a classic, warm, gooey, melt-in-your-mouth chocolate chip cookie. Insomnia Cookies is open until until 3 a.m. most nights, and guess what? They deliver! And if chocolate chip is too mainstream for you, try a cookie deluxe a la mode and top it off with rainbow sprinkles or brownie bites. Trust me, you’ll forget all about that GPA.

Edited by Allison Jones

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