Simply orange?

By Blake Campbell

Simply Orange.

This familiar orange juice brand has a new competitor, and it’s even simpler than the popular Florida-based company.

Patterson’s café, a hangout for the college students and residents of Oxford, Ohio, has been serving up early bird’s dreams when it comes to breakfast food.

Freshly made blueberry muffins, customized omelets, and pancakes as big as the entire plate? Yes. please.

But let’s not forget about what this eatery is known for: Its juice – orange to be more specific.

While looking past the freshly brewing coffee pots of varying flavor, you’ll find the Patterson’s juicing machine.

Looking like some sort of mini hipster carousel, this machine delightfully swirls oranges around in a turntable above, dropping each one into a chamber to be cut and juiced, just waiting on the turn of the handle to let that 100% vitamin C fill your cup up.

But this orange juice isn’t an everyday staple for people who frequent this place. It’s more of a treat.

Patterson’s orange juice will cost you whopping $6 a glass! But once you try it, even just one sip, it’ll convince you to grab your wallet and scream, “Take my money!”

Edited by Annie-Laurie Blair

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