Mac n’ cheese cup power rankings

By Ryer Gardenswartz

Every college student has had to deal with the conundrum of being hungry, but not wanting to leave their dorm room. The easiest solution is to turn to the microwave. For years, one of the easiest and most common solutions has been to microwave something quickly.

Now, there are a ton of options and students have the chance to make a meal in a matter of minutes. One of the staples of microwaveable food is mac n’ cheese. It is an inexpensive option that also gives you nostalgia of home. Here is my list of the best ones to get next time you’re at Kroger or Wal-Mart:

  1. Generic Pantry Brand: This is definitely the cheapest option, but it is not worth it in the long run. You can get much better options for only a little bit more money. The cup is lacking flavor and just can’t compete with the rest of the mac n’ cheese cups on the market.


  1. Annie’s Mac n’ Cheese: Anyone who has ever made Annie’s mac n cheese from the box on the stove will be very disappointed. I love the boxed version, but the easy, college cup version is just not the same. The biggest complaint about the organic option is that there isn’t enough cheese. While the noodles are good, I definitely needed a cheesier flavor.


  1. Kraft Easy Mac: This one brings back all of those great childhood memories. Maybe all of those memories make this one taste better than it actually is, but I’m not complaining. The cheese-to-noodle ratio was spot on. My only complaint is that the powdery cheese is way too artificial.


  1. Velveeta Shells: Wins the elusive title of “Best College Mac N’ Cheese,” in my opinion. While many people argue that Kraft is the best, I still find myself grabbing Velveeta whenever I’m at the store. Much like Easy Mac, the ratio of cheese-to-noodle is perfect. The actual “liquid gold” cheese that you mix in is the real difference maker. It tastes better and gives the mac n’ cheese the perfect gooey texture.



“Velveeta is my favorite kind of Mac N’ Cheese. Hands Down. I personally find the ‘actual’ cheese much more appetizing than powder like Easy Mac,” said sophomore Nolan Long.

Long says he always likes to keep some Mac N’ Cheese cups in his dorm room. “They’re quick and easy.” After having to resort to them many times late at night, Long knows his Mac N’ Cheese cups.

While some may disagree with these rankings, in the long run we are all still eating mac n’ cheese, which makes us all winners.

Edited by Graham von Carlowitz

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